Great Blackjack Strategy

The game of blackjack is the second most played game in the world next to Poker. Blackjack is a very enjoyable game to play and with the right strategy, players can reduce the house edge to gather the odds in ones favor.

To be able to win in blackjack, players must collect the cards that have a total of 21 or the closest to it. Any number that goes beyond 21 loses.

Since winning is a concept that many players understand, it is imperative that they know the proper strategy or way to go about it. Brash action does nothing for a win.

To win in blackjack, one has to know and mastered the basic strategies. Without the knowledge, many would find themselves in situations where they have been manipulated into following their opponents line of thought.

For anyone to win, here are some ways of going about it. They offer no guarantee but a good chance.

Stand or Hit

Numbers show that an estimated 4 out of 10 people who engage in blackjack sometimes make their play without even knowing they have done so. Most of them rely on their gut instinct alone. Players should be able to make their play at a mere glance and should be able to decide when dealt by the dealer.

One can only work on instinct alone when the thrill of the game is upon them. Some players need to be pressured into play or put in situations of high stress to galvanize them into action.

Assume the dealer card is pegged at 10

The theory is that if the down card is placed at 10, then it is predicted that the next card would be a 6 and the next card would be up for grabs, If the dealer gets a 7, then the chances of the dealer getting a 21 is more probable. With this, the player can decide if one needs to hit or stand. The players will then have higher chances if winning.

Among all the card games present, black jack is one that is totally dependent on the hand of the dealer. Unlike in poker, one can opt to play against other players or the dealer but in this game, most of the time the player finds themselves at the mercy of the house.

Blackjack is one game that players see as easy and less of a mind drain. Players have to be aware of the play they are in and act accordingly else the loss of the game.