Even Money and Insurance in Blackjack

A lot of players do not see that there is nothing significant or useful about an even cash offer, it is only equal with getting insurance on blackjack. For example, you have wagered $20 dollars on your card hand and are given a blackjack when the dealer has an ace card.

If you want to have insurance, you would normally put down $10 dollars or half your wager in the place of the insurance in the layout and then the dealer would review her hole card. If the dealer has a blackjack too, both your hand and the dealer's hand would end up in a tie. But you will get your $10 dollars insurance wager at two-to-one payout odds and be given $20 dollars.

If the dealer does not get a blackjack, you will lose your $10 dollars wager insurance wager but your blackjack will edge out the dealer. You will receive payment in a 3:2 ratio or $30 dollars, $20 dollars revenue. Since getting an insurance in the blackjack will get a one wager no matter what the condition is, the casino bypasses the red tape and gives an even-money payout.

Being a sure winner despite a push is a good offer that very few gamers rarely push it away. But the problem is that an even money is a bad wager that will cost you some chips in the long run.

Smart players know that if they play conservatively with their blackjacks against an ace, the chances that they receive a payout of 3:2 together with the chances that they push will earn them more money compared with even money.

But a normal player will have second thoughts of setting aside a guaranteed win and possibly receiving nothing for a good hand. You do not have to accept even money to be assured of getting money from your blackjack against the ace of the dealer.

Because when the dealer has an ace face up, you can insure for a lesser amount even if you get a blackjack. The minimal insurance that you get as the game progresses, the better state your bankroll will be. So the next time you receive a $20 dollars blackjack against the ace card of the dealer, put down a $5 dollars chip in the insurance area.

The worst thing that can happen to you is that you will win $10 dollars on your $5 dollars insurance wager. If the dealer does not have any blackjack, your $5 dollars insurance wager loses and you will receive $30 dollars for your blackjack. So you will either get $10 dollars or $25 dollars.

It is still not an advisable play but you are only giving the casino half the total percentage compared when you choose even money and you know for sure that you will receive something in return. Once you get familiar with the whole concept, you can start insuring your blackjack for less amount of money.

You can just spend $3 dollars for your $20 dollars blackjack. You will know win $6 dollars or $27 dollars. What you are doing is slowly ridding yourself of a bad habit.