The Game Rules of Super Fun 21 Blackjack Variation

Super Fun 21 is another variation of blackjack that offers several bonuses to players for specific blackjack hand combinations. Super Fun 21 has another game variation called Super 21. The only difference between the two blackjack game variations is the number of card decks used. Super Fun 21 uses only one card deck while Super 21 uses eight card decks.

The game rules of Super Fun 21 are still congruent to the standard blackjack game rules with a slight exceptions like the hands that are composed of five and six cards. These are the games rules of Super Fun 21 that you need to know if you are interested in playing the game online.

- Super Fun 21 uses one pack of cards and Super 21 uses eight packs of cards during the game.

- Players' dealt cards are face up while one of the dealer's card is dealt face down and the other is dealt face up.

- Dealers must abide to the Super Fun 21 game rule that is to hit on soft hand 17.

- Super Fun 21 permits splitting of pairs, hitting after splitting of pairs, re-splitting to the maximum of four hands, and re-splitting of Aces.

- Blackjacks after splitting of pairs have no payoffs on Super Fun 21.

- Super Fun 21 permits doubling down for a single time only. Doubling down after splitting of pairs is only allowed if the player hasn't double down before.

- Hitting after doubling down is not permitted in Super Fun 21.

- Players can avail for the surrender option any time during the game.

- The player's blackjack always wins in case of a push.

- Super Fun 21 offers a one to one payout for blackjacks while Diamond blackjacks have payouts of two to one.

- Playing with multiple hands in Super Fun 21 is permitted in some online casinos while others don't.

The great thing about Super Fun 21 is that the game rules provide a great advantage for players against the dealer's hands. Among the advantageous game rules of Super Fun 21 is that players win the push of blackjacks and surrender is available any time.

The payouts of Super Fun 21 are considered to be higher compared to other variations of blackjack. You may think that playing Super Fun 21 can let you earn more money quickly than the other blackjack variations but always keep in mind that your chances of getting a good hand in Super Fun 21 is small.

If love playing blackjack without the concerns of low odds but only on winning big occasionally, then playing Super Fun 21 may be good for you.