The Side Bets in Blackjack

The side bets that can be found in blackjack have been offered in the game for a long time in different chances, but they are made to get the chips from the players by giving different possibilities of winning even a little amount of money even if your current card hand does not edge out the hand of the dealer.

Playing blackjack by utilizing the basic rules and techniques is one of the best moves in the casino. Making a side bet is usually not advisable in the game. One type of dangerous wagers that's been around for a long time is the Lucky Ladies.

Most gambling operators have learned that the simplest way to improve their table game prizes is to change all of their normal blackjack tables to the Lucky Ladies blackjack table.

The main idea behind the wager is understandable. Any total card hand of twenty on the 1st card hand that will be given to the player is the winner and the player will be paid in a ratio of 4:1 but the cost is a huge 24.71% casino edge when these casino payouts are considered.

If it is a twenty, then the payout ration is 9:1, a pair of twenty has a payout ratio of 19:1, a card pair of Queen of Hearts has a payout ratio of 125:1 and a card pair of Queen of Hearts together with a blackjack by the dealer has a payout ratio of 1,000:1.

These are considered to be the worst payout table from the shoe. There is another payout scheme that carries a smaller but still significant casino advantage of 17.64% that has payout ratio of 200:1 for a Queen of Hearts card hand, a payout ratio of 25:1 for a pair of twenty and a payout of 10:1 ratio for a suite of 20.

Casinos that have Lucky Ladies blackjack tables are not forcing players to play. Professional gamblers tend to turn a blind on it, preferring to play the normal variation and total for how much the money of the player can afford.

The optional side wager and other types of wager are just some of the wagers that a player can choose from. The bet adds a certain amount of thrill to the game although costly when the player did not choose their action well during the game.

The chances of winning in a 1,000:1 ratio using a Queen of Hearts card hand against the dealer's blackjack only happens in 68,666.5 card hands. There should be a warning with this type of wager that says be aware of the danger it possess.

Betting a chip once may not be troublesome once in a while but by making it every card hand can have bad effects to a player's bankroll. Players will only throw the advantages that blackjack offers. Players should carefully think first before making these Lucky Ladies and side wagers.